Programs and Courses: Graduate Program: Applying to Berkeley

Applicants to the program are judged on:

  • technical proficiency, intellectual sophistication and invention evident in their portfolio of creative work
  • a personal/artist's statement (1 -2 pages in length) describing motivating influences, personal investigations and future directions (Page F of the application)
  • three letters of recommendation (Page G of the application)

The program admits 7-9 students once a year in the fall out of 150-200 applicants. There is no provision for students to transfer into the program. Graduate students are provided individual studios and access to the wealth of resources on the Berkeley campus. Students are required to attend two to three seminars per week with the remainder of the time devoted to studio practice. Admitted students are expected to make a full-time commitment to art-making.

Within the limited structure of classes, the graduate course of study is a two-year supportive laboratory for artists engaged fully in their own, and their colleagues', investigations. In this environment, emphasis is placed less on the production of art objects than on the creative, intelligent exploration of visual ideas. There are no absolute parameters on the kind or amount of work expected from each student. Instead, the goal of the program is to develop within each student a level of commitment to art-making as a way of thinking and seeing that is rich enough to transform common sight into uncommon insight.

How to Apply

Applications are only available online. Submit the online University Application and a portfolio to the Department of Art Practice by the annual deadline of Midnight (PST), December 16. Submit your online portfolio to our page on

Department of Art Practice
Attn: Grad Assistant
345 Kroeber Hall #3750,
UC Berkeley,
Berkeley, CA 94720-3750

TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION ONLINE Visit the UC Berkeley Graduate Admissions website: