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Although you were accepted as an "intended" art major, you'll need to actually "declare" the major via a paper petition (the Petition to Declare the Major form) which you'll also complete during the CalSO session.

The Art Major is composed of a lower division and upper division series of studio classes. You'll be required to complete a minimum of 10 studio classes and 3 art history classes. It breaks down to the following classes:

  • LOWER DIVISION: complete 4 beginning level classes in the lower division + 1 lower division art history course
  • UPPER DIVISION: complete 6 advanced level classes in the upper division + 2 upper division art history courses

Portfolio Requirements

The Art Department will have a faculty member during the CalSO orientations (in summer and fall) to evaluate your community college work in studio art and to determine your skill levels.

Please bring a copy of your transcript and a portfolio of work you've done for any beginning level class from the following areas: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture (ceramic or mixed media) and digital media. Please present 6 - 10 (or more) images for each class completed. If your portfolio is approved, you will be waived from taking those lower division classes here at Berkeley. Work can be presented in any format - originals, slides, photographs, or CD (bring your own laptop for this). Also, we'll be able to give you credit for 1 art history class because it is equal to a lower division art history class.