Facilities and Resources: Worth Ryder Gallery

NEW! Information on current exhibitions and an archive of past shows can be found on the new Worth Ryder Gallery blog.

The Worth Ryder Gallery is located at 116 Kroeber Hall, and is open Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 5pm. The gallery has served as a cultural and artistic hub for students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, and the bay area cultural community for over forty years. The gallery serves primarily as an exhibition platform for emerging contemporary artistic strategies and methodologies. The gallery itself comprises THREE exhibition spaces. The larger gallery (approx. 1800 sq. ft.) will accommodate a medium sized group exhibition. The smaller is more intimate (approx. 500 sq. ft.) and will accommodate a small group show or serve as an excellent installation space. Both galleries have articulated lighting and internet access. The average attendance per 2-week exhibition is 300 to 1500 for monthly exhibitions.

PROPOSAL GUIDELINES (updated 02/14/11)

The Worth Ryder Gallery (WRAG) in the Department of Art Practice, UC
Berkeley welcomes proposals for exhibitions from the student body, faculty, alumni and members of the community.  Proposals are considered twice a year for 2-week exhibitions in either of the WRAG’s gallery spaces.  WRAG’s student volunteers provide assistance with coordinating promotion and installation for the exhibition as well as keep the gallery open during visiting hours.

Proposals are due MARCH 15 for scheduling in the Fall semester and OCTOBER 15 for scheduling in the Spring semester and Summer. Review of proposals and notification of acceptance will be completed by APRIL 15 for projects scheduled in the Fall and NOVEMBER 15 for projects scheduled in the Spring/Summer.  Final scheduling of projects for the upcoming semester will be completed by the close of the current semester.

1) a 1-page curatorial STATEMENT outlining the ideas
explored in the exhibition and the artistic approaches of all participants;
2) a BIO for each of the participants (1 paragraph each), and
3) 5-10 PRINT RESOLUTION IMAGES of participating artists’ work on CD-ROM or posted to a website.

For further information, please contact Anu Vikram, WRAG Curator, by
leaving a note in her mailbox in 345 Kroeber, or emailing avikram@berkeley.edu.