Facilities and Resources

Kroeber Hall

The core of the Art Deparment's activities are located in Kroeber Hall, which houses classrooms for painting, drawing, as well as well-equipped facilities for printmaking, metal and wood sculpture. The main office of the department is located in room 345; faculty offices are on the third floor. The Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Garron Reading Room, and a few graduate studios are also located here.

Wurster Hall

Adjacent to Kroeber Hall is Wurster Hall, the site of an extensive ceramics studio and classrooms for undergraduate sculpture. Two graduate studios are located in Wurster for access to the ceramic facility.

Graduate Studios

The majority of the graduate studios are located at the off-campus site of the Richmond Field Station where there are spaces for 26 individual studios and a seminar room. Students have day access to the excellent woodworking and machine shops located there. Also, a few on-campus studios are available for students who need to use the ceramics, metal shops and ATC studio.

Seminar Rooms

The primary seminar rooms are on campus in Kroeber Hall and at the off-campus graduate studios at Richmond Field Station. Occasionally an instructor will also hold a seminar in his or her studio.

Garron Reading Room

The Garron Reading Room, located in room 275 Kroeber Hall, contains a growing collection of books, periodicals, and digital media. The room provides internet access as well as a slide scanner, equipped with attachments for scanning 16mm film.


The Berkeley campus library system consists of the Doe Main Library, Moffit Undergraduate Library, Media Resources Center, Bancroft Library, and 23 branch libraries which together contain over seven million books and periodicals. Most notable is the Art History slide collection on the 4th floor of the Doe Library, which contains over 300,000 slides. Each student's Cal photo ID serves as a library card at all campus library facilities.